Cafe Worship takes place at 7pm until 9pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  Come along at 7pm for a cafe style environment, have some refreshments and join in with the conversation.  Then at 7:30pm we have some worship led by the worship group, followed by discussions about important matters of the Christian faith.

Come along and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and worship.

Dates of the Cafe Worship Services for 2020 are:

 - Sunday 19th January 

 - Sunday 16th February 

 - Sunday 15th March 

 - Sunday  19th April 

 - Sunday 17th May 

 - Sunday 21st June

 - Sunday 19th July 

 - Sunday 16th August 

 - Sunday 20th September 

 - Sunday 18th October

 - Sunday 15th November 

 - Sunday 20th December