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We're sorry that we can't be meeting right now, but we want to provide

resources for kids, especially because we're spending so much time at home right now.

Keep your eye on our website and we'll keep you updated with resources to keep you busy and connected with God!

We may not be together physically, but let's stay connected through the internet and prayer!

God bless.


(Children & Families Worker)

What do we do?

Children's Church happens on a Sunday morning here at Queen's Hall!   After having a short time of worship with the adults, we go and have our own time of worship which includes, worshipping with actions songs, playing games and doing activities in line with a Bible story or theme, and praying together  


What are we learning about?

Our current topic is 'God's Champions'!

We're exploring 'Champions' in the Bible, and looking at how we can all be God's Champions!



Other Information...

Once a month, we have 'All Age Worship' which means both old and young worship together.  It's a real 'family centred' time of worship and uplifting for all.

Families & Children


Click here to access the 'stone template'
Click here to access the 'stone template'


Posted 1st May '20

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